Yoga therapy – compassion and understanding

Monday 5th March, 2012
by Alexandra

Another little pearl of wisdom from the much loved  mindfullness master Thay. It translates perfectly my feelings on what Yoga Therapy is and why I chose to study it  more deeply:

“We can`t understand someone or something fully until we become one with it.(…) If we feel separate from something, we can`t expect to understand it.

The practice of meditation is to look at reality in such a way that the frontier between subject and object will no longer be there. We have to remove the frontier between the inquirer and the object of inquiry. If we want to understand someone, we put ourselves into his skin. In order for friends or families to really understand each other, they need to become each other. The only way to understand fully is to become the object of our understanding. ”

 Thick Nhat HanhReconciliation healing the inner child