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A wonderful, extremely welcoming and utterly relaxing space, and Alex is a truly amazing, talented, kind and compassionate teacher. I feel very grateful to have found my way to The Yoga Barn and to be able to join in on the various soul-feeding yoga, meditation and reiki experiences Alex offers.


Hi Alex,

Last night I found it really quite difficult to formulate words (Meditation and Reiki healing circle). It was such a very precious experience, a feeling of being held and kept warm. Thank you so much for making it happen. I had a lovely sleep, just had a quick dip, and look forward to my day with still a lovely and peaceful glow.


The time with you was truly nurturing.  During the afternoon I felt the area around the tops of my legs and hips were really loose and really in the right place.  I still have that feeling today. I was so aware of the caring way that you perform the massage – it was as though you were conveying all your thoughts, concentration and healing through your touch.  This is such a very special talent you have Alex, and quite unique, so thank you so much.


Hi Alex

It was lovely meeting you- we LOVED our yoga & massages with you. Thank you so much for the special care you gave. We’ve had a great trip, & you’ve helped make it so.

Ailsa and friends

Hi Alex, thank you so much for a beautiful Yoga practice much enjoyed by all [ a group of 5 lovely ladies on holiday here]. Your Yoga Barn is a gorgeous special place and I wish I lived near enough to enjoy more classes with you. Until next time, Namaste


Just wanted to say how grateful I am for my Reiki session yesterday. I slept for three hours in the afternoon…deep deep sleep. I woke this morning feeling alive in a way I haven’t for a long time. My legs feel like I have done a long ballet class, but it’s not an unpleasant feeling. I have no idea what is going on, nor do I need to know, I shall just go with it. Be blessed. Hugs, Ruth.


Ante-natal yoga lessons with Alex were wonderfully relaxing. She also helped me feel prepared for, and confident about, the birth by practising breathing techniques and positions. Best of all was helping me feel at one with my baby before he was born. Thank you, Alex.


A wonderful new start to the year for me finally feeling I’ve found somewhere I can learn yoga in a safe and sacred place, thanks Alex and all in the Thursday morning class.


Alex, thank you for providing such a beautiful place for me to work and share my therapies.

Karen, Littlebirds Therapies

A beautiful holistic session in a lovely environment. Thank you.


We had the most wonderful Yoga session this morning! Thank you very much, Alex.

Tom & Beki

I find your classes have been great for stress levels at work and in sport I feel calm and relaxed when normally I would get tired and lose focus. I didn’t think I would ever say this but: I’m loving Yoga!


Six weeks of a little bit of heaven. Simply magic. Thank you, thank you.


What a wonderful flowing class – so much effort goes into it. The reason I do Yoga is (this relates to a meditation practise we did during that session) to connect my mind with my body! Thank you.


Returning to The Yoga Barn and Alex’s teaching after the summer break has restored my sense of calm, thank you.


Such a beautiful class: wholesome, nurturing and inspiring. Totally amazing experience. Love the teaching + music + The Yoga Barn. Thank you. Love.


I felt in tune with the breathing and the asanas this evening. It was a calming sensation. The practice was complete with the sunlight and sounds of nature through the open doors.


Thank you Alex & The Yoga Barn. It has been a wonderous day and feedback from all the participants was tremendous, they loved the feel, the calmness that you have created. Many blessings and gratitude.


I think The Yoga Barn is a wonderful place because it brings joy to everyone and…the light that shines through you is the shadow of another beautiful you!

My 10-year-old daughter

Alex, you are a wonderful teacher and have created a special place here in The Yoga Barn. Thank you!


A wonderful flowing class in such special surroundings (The Yoga Barn). Thank you, Alex.


Exactly where I want to be. Thank you, Alex.


I really enjoyed the challenging positions this morning. The session flowed beautifully. Looking forward to the new 1 and 1/2 hour session, more time to find ourselves!


A calming, relaxing and spiritual experience.


Always a challenge, always sensitive and caring. What more can I say? I love the way the whole experience of Yoga with Alex is.


I started Yoga a few years ago and have noticed an amazing change in my flexibility. Before Yoga I often suffured from cronic back aches and pains but since the classes with Alex I`ve improved my posture awareness and the cronic pain has now gone. I would highly recommend Alex`s classes to all ages and is never too late to try!


I always look forward to my Yoga sessions with Alex and am never disappointed


Alex’s calm, measured, structured sessions, the music, the readings, the underfloor heating, the smell, the tea all these contribute to the tranquil ambience at The Yoga Barn. To be with Alex in The Yoga Barn is comforting to the soul and stimulating for the body.


After my first Yoga class with Alex I discovered body parts I never knew existed


Alex, you have created and nurtured a wonderful space at The Yoga Barn: a welcoming ambience with so much good spirit and a gentle yet effective practice, which is non-judgemental and so encouraging to my self-development. Thanks Alex


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