Yoga therapy

“Yoga therapy is the dedicated and particular use of yoga practices for the treatment of specific mental, emotional and physical ailments.” Heather Mason

In our yoga therapy sessions you will be able to experience the deep healing power of Yoga. We will make use of its vast and ancient methods to bring your mind, body and spirit back to a more balanced state of health and to promote a noticible sense of well being. It will also offer  you the opportunity to reconnect with your truest and most vibrant self.

Each session is carefully planned based on each individual`s needs. No experience in yoga is required to take part in yoga therapy: “As long as you can breathe you can practice and benefit from yoga therapy. There`s a yoga practice suitable for everyone.”

Some of the common conditions that can greatly benefit from yoga therapy include: anxiety and depression; poor posture; high blood pressure; diabetes; insomnia; chronic back pain; hypothyroidism; safe introduction to general yoga classes etc.

Generally, yoga therapy sessions are held in The Yoga Barn (Lee, N. Devon) but I am also happy to travel to you if you are based within the North Devon area. If you would like to learn more about our one to one yoga therapy sessions, please contact us here.

Please read through the declaration below:

” I am.

And by being, I allow you to be.

I witness, with my mind and my heart:

I see your soul`s wisdom.

I hold your joy, doubt, hope, fear, yearning and pain in a safe, compassionate space.

I guide your steps through mindful awareness into empowered responsability.

I lovingly challenge you to choose joy, hear your soul`s voice, and create a life aligned

with who you are.

This is how I serve.”