preparing, cooking and feeding

Tuesday 21st December, 2010
by Alexandra

During the festive season when the event of praparing, cooking and sharing food is for most, one of its greatest and most joyful moments, it`s important that we remind ourselves of the true beauty behind this offering, this form of genuine spiritual practice (Sadhana). Be grateful. Extremely grateful. And enjoy. This “Yogi`s Grace” has touched and inspired me, hope it does the same to you. If you wish to hear the audio of the Sanskrit version please click on the link: http://www.himalayaninstitute.org/YI/article.aspx?id=3347, it`s beutiful!

May I remember the truth: That the food being offered is Brahman, the individuals offering the food are Brahman, and the very process of offering itself is also Brahman. Therefore, we perform this offering with full awareness of Brahman alone. May this entire act of cooking, serving, and eating be transformed into sadhana, the spiritual practice leading us all toward Brahman, the highest goal of life. Through this offering, may the universal consciousness, which pervades and permeates our individual consciousness, be worshipped and satisfied. OM, peace, peace, peace