learning freedom

Tuesday 16th November, 2010
by Alexandra

“The practice of Yoga is the commitment to become established in the state of FREEDOM.”

A moment of simple, limitless freedom:
It`s a quiet Monday morning. You walk your black shining dog by the water`s edge. The sand is warm, your feet bare. There is no other audible sound other than that of the gentle waves touching your feet, touching the sand. The sea breeze is silent, respectful, almost warm. You watch your beautiful friend-a secretly enlightened being (only you, your children and her, know about this)-as she runs after the tennis ball you`ve just thrown onto the shallow water. She catches it mid – air and lands. Water splashes everywhere. You smile. Perhaps you even cry a little.
Watching her being happy makes you happy. Watching her being free, not knowing that there is a moment after that one when her sense of unrestricted freedom might come to an end, not knowing that there was a moment before that one – she`s simply free in that perfect present moment- makes you too, feel free.

When we are awake and we watch other beings in nature just doing their thing and being free, we tend to learn.