a brand new day

Friday 5th March, 2010
by Alexandra

Today I started early. In the dark. Sent my little people on their way to their big little world of school and school trip to the south of the county…

I walked Noola in the warm October rain. So much heat still inside my body from slightly warmer days I`ve not long left behind.I said hello to some friends in the coffee shop and went to teach morning Yoga to some other magic little beings, those of who believe in magic above all things. I feel secretly jealous of their profound wisdom and ability to laugh so loudly.  I`m onto my personal practice in my studio at home. And I want movement today. I shall start with a moving Pranayama sequence I thought of and begun practicing yesterday. Then I must feed myself: not with rain, not with creative thoughts or beautiful movements but with proper home-made food.

I`m glad I`ve started.

Om Shanti.