antenatal yoga

Antenatal yoga

Come and join us for strengthening, invigorating as well as calming practices with a strong focus on breathing and in deepening your connection with your baby. We aim to prepare you for a more conscious and pro-active labour. This will allow you to be fully present during the greatest experience that you will ever come across – that of creating LIFE. I teach private antenatal Yoga sessions in The Yoga Barn regularly, where each session is individually and carefully planned to accommodate yours and your baby`s needs during each stage of your pregnancy. Please contact us here for a chat or to book an experimental session.

Private classes in The Yoga Barn cost £30 p/h

Ante-natal yoga lessons with Alex were wonderfully relaxing. She also helped me feel prepared for, and confident about, the birth by practising breathing techniques and positions. Best of all was helping me feel at one with my baby before he was born. Thank you, Alex.