A Colour of Summer

Tuesday 2nd July, 2013
by Alexandra

A Color of Summer – Gold

A few basics:
• Everyone is affected by color
• Color can balance and restore energy
• Every color has meaning (perhaps different meanings but still a meaning)

Summer time is Golden. A phrase we have all heard. What is the real meaning behind the color gold?

Alchemy tells us that Gold is a soft malleable metal. It symbols the flexibility in life during transition and questing to bring us to perfection and illumination. It resists, in the physical form, heat and even acid. This is symbolic of immutability – a state of eternity and perfection. In alchemy the symbolism of turning metal to gold is really about our quest to change self into golden perfection. We are talking here of transforming our shadows like greed, hate, or selfishness into golden qualities like love, virtue, and compassion. A transformational journey of the soul.

During the summer golden days we are symbolically living with vitality, radiance, and expansion. When we look at the physical world, what is summer? Summer is a time that our gardens are growing and the fruits are forming into perfection for fall harvest. This is the same for our spiritual life – we are growing and forming into perfection for the harvest of our dreams.

The golden days bring unlimited potential into our lives. Focus on bringing Gold into your daily experiences this month. Here is a quick herbal recipe for some Golden Tea:

4 cups water
2 teaspoons dried chamomile
2 teaspoons aniseed
1 tablespoon dried thyme
1 tablespoon dried sage
mint leaves

Bring water to a boil. While water is still boiling add chamomile, aniseed, thyme and sage. Stir well and turn heat off. Allow to steep for 5 minutes until liquid is golden in color. Remove from heat.

For hot tea: Serve immediately adding golden honey and a few mint leaves for flavor

For iced tea: Allow cooling. Place is clear glass container with cover. Allow to sit in window while cooling to absorb the golden rays of sun. When ready to serve, put ice in glass and fill. Add golden honey and a few mint leaves to taste. Generously shared by Dr. Carla Goddard